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At Cultural Intelligence Matters, we offer comprehensive CQ assessments and training that helps you be more successful in your professional career and in your personal life.


Our training packages are designed to help individuals and institutions become better equipped to achieve their diversity, inclusion and pluralism goals. Training packages are rooted in the curriculum developed by the Cultural Intelligence Center, LLC. CQ assessments are provided and administered by the Cultural Intelligence Centre.


Plant the seeds today to grow your cultural intelligence.  Please contact us to learn more.

New Growth

What is CQ? (2 hours online; 3.5 hours in-person)

This workshop provides an introduction to cultural intelligence and how your CQ can impact your work and personal life.


You'll share your culturally challenging experiences and learn how CQ can help navigate these challenges towards a positive outcome.

Misty Slopes

What's your CQ? (workshop + CQ assessment)

4.5 hours online; full day in-person

Ready to unpack your cultural intelligence and make a plan for the future? Prior to this full-day training session, you'll take one of the Cultural Intelligence Center's self- or multi-rater assessments. You'll receive a personalized feedback report that outlines your ratings, the worldwide norms for cultural intelligence, and a development plan.


During the session, we'll dive deep into the four dimensions of CQ and what they mean for you in relation to your own CQ assessment. We'll explore best practices for using CQ within your individual contexts, and you'll develop an action plan for improving your CQ moving forward. 


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