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Sandy Howe, Brock University and Co-operative Education and Work Integrated Learning (CEWIL) Canada’s Learning & Development Committee

Having had the opportunity to coordinate multiple Cultural Intelligence sessions with Karima for a national audience and see her facilitate “live”, I highly endorse learning and development with Karima as your guide!  She is thoughtful, participant-oriented, responsive, and a true wealth of knowledge on the topic, which enables learners to go as deeply as they would like into the conversation and consider application in their daily lives. Looking forward to future opportunities to learn from her!


Steven Lorenzo Baileys, Coordinator of the Community Partnership Network (CPN) and Community Development Coordinator at the Inter-Cultural Association of Greater Victoria (ICA)

"The Community Partnership Network (CPN) offered this dynamic CQ workshop facilitated by Karima Ramji for our member organizations. Karima skillfully worked with participants to help them understand the CQ model and how to analyze, understand and learn how to effectively engage with newcomers in a variety of cultural contexts. The session fostered greater awareness for participants around how to better understand different cultures through various lenses.


Karima injected humour and wove in real-life examples of cross cultural misunderstandings in a way that kept the learning lively and insightful. I recommend both the workshop to anyone working across cultures. One CPN workshop participant commented on the value of the session: " Karima did a skillful job of providing an orientation to a validated tool that one can utilize as part of one's personal learning, or as part of bringing a workplace to a place of greater cultural intelligence.”


Karima Ramji presenting a workshop with the Community Partnership Network.


Workshop participants engage with the material.

Rosmina Gokrani, Head Teacher, Aga Khan Nursery School, Mombasa, Kenya

"Karima facilitated a workshop on Cultural Intelligence with Aga Khan Nursery School Mombasa teachers to help them better understand children and staff who come from different cultures, as the school has a multicultural environment. Karima encouraged the participants to connect with real life experiences; this made the workshop very interesting and helped the teachers develop an awareness of how to empathize with learners. I recommend this workshop to anyone working across cultures. One of the teachers reflected that, “the workshop had given me insight on how to relate with learners who join the school speaking their mother tongue."


Karima Ramji (left) provides an overview of cultural intelligence strategies during a workshop at the Aga Khan Nursery School in Mombasa, Kenya.


Employees of the Aga Khan Nursery School work through the workshop.

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